Who are we?

Svetlin Ilchovski - The Secure Partner!

Svetlin Ilchovski is a family company, founded in 1991 by Mr. Svetlin Ilchovski. The constant drive for innovation and development quickly turned the company into a leading agricultural company in Bulgaria, famous for its quality products - sunflower kernels and heating pellets. Today, Svetlin Ilchovski has one of the largest capacities for the sowing and processing of sunflower seeds not only in the Northwest region but also in the whole of Bulgaria, by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and technologies and possessing the world's highest quality control certificates quality.

Our seeds are known for their exceptional quality and taste, and our network of partners and customers spread all over the world. With more than 20 years of experience, Svetlin Ilchovski is one of the oldest and most famous companies for export of agricultural goods in Bulgaria. Product quality and customer satisfaction are number 1 priority for us.

Production of agricultural produce

Svetlin Ilchovski is an agricultural producer of high quality cereals - sunflower kernels.

Processing of agricultural produce

Svetlin Ilchovski is processing cereals to the end product - peeled sunflowers and pellets


Our products


Production of sunflower products - sunflower seeds and peeled sunflower seeds

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Production of high-calorific bio-efficient eco pellets for home heating and industrial spaces.

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Agricultural activity

Processing base

Our achievements

With much work and perseverance, we have made progress and sustainable development:

10000 tonnes

Sunflower kernels

105000 ha

Processed area

8000 tonnes

Manufactured pellets

70 Motor vehicles

Agro-technics and other techniques